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National Theatre of Scotland


The Guardian


The Guardian

Written by 
Alan Bissett

Performed by
Alison Peebles

Animated by
Gavin Glover

VFX by
Fergus Dunnet 

Music by
Rowan McIlvride 

Additional Sound Design by
David Moré

A grumpy old man exists in a world of twisted metal and broken scrap. For years he sorts and sifts and organises it and slowly he builds himself a tin forest inspired by a worn out wildlife documentary. One day a large bird appears. He feeds it but the bird wants more and more until all his food is gone. The bird flies off leaving a trail of shite, the man follows but it has gone, he is angry and sad and tired of his lonely life.

But one morning he wakes to find his little house surrounded by jungle. Wildlife roars around him, he hears noises on the roof and sees movement in the bushes. But it is not some marauding tiger about to eat him it is his bird now nesting near his window with a single chick feeding off the fruits of this new paradise. The old man's world is reborn, perhaps he has died and gone to heaven or perhaps through his lifetimes work he has set the seed for a brighter tomorrow.



A rich, desolate blend of art, puppetry and folk music
This gorgeously detailed promenade performance evokes a spooky, lonely world to tell a tale of post-industrial regeneration.

Mark Fisher - The Guardian

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