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Written by 
Alan Bissett

Performed by
Alison Peebles

Animated by
Gavin Glover 

VFX by
Fergus Dunnet 

Music by
Rowan McIlvride 

Additional Sound Design by
David Moré

A Mull Theatre Production

The Shark Was
Aware of Me

Jemima gets out everyday come rain or shine on the same route to the shops. But this day reeling from bad news from her doctor, Jemima wanders the city in a daze until she finds herself at her childhood safe place the local Sea Life Centre. Amongst the bright little fishes and echoing corridors, she is mysteriously drawn towards a telepathic shark who confirms her place in this world and reassures her about the next.

Filmed in micro cinema with specially made sets, foley soundtrack and unfathomably auspicious music, this story is both beautiful and profoundly moving.

Part of the Braw Tales series


The Shark Was Aware Of Me by Alan Bissett is, for my money, the pick of the bunch...visualised and animated with the distinctive brilliance of master puppet-maker Gavin Glover


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