PotatoRoom productions

created by Gavin Glover formerly from FaultyOptic Theatre of Animation

Glowing Auntie 2016


Friendly ghost stories, Rorschach splats and glimpsing the deepest depths of the mind


Micro Cinema Theatre - live-feed video and storytelling
- 15 minute live-feed video piece suitable for Art galleries, studio theatres, events

Premiere - NakedAye Arts, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh. April 2016



The company require the venue to provide the following:

STAGE requirements
- minimum performance area 6M WIDE x 5M DEEP x3M HIGH,
- audience must be able to see the stage floor.
- 4 x 220/240volt direct power supplies USR and USL
- projection screen or white wall
2 tables, 1 chair
1 artist's easel or whiteboard stand

AV requirements
- video projector with Composite input (phono)

SOUND requirements
- high quality PA (with sub-bass if possible)
3 channel sound mixer inc 1 mic channels with +48v phantom power, 2 line level jack inputs.